Excuses for Islamophobia: Introduction

For the next few days I will be responding to some widely accepted lies about Islam. They are all used to justify bigotry, making it sound concerned and respectable. It is a very common bigotry, with 61% of Britons not believing Islam is compatible with British culture*, but I have noticed how popular this kind of thinking is in atheist or secularist communities.

The issues are:

  1. The veil/burqa/niqab/hijab is misogynistic and oppressive
  2. Islam is anti-democratic
  3. Islam is violent
  4. Islam is un-British/Muslims can’t integrate

Comparisons to Nazism and antisemitism usually fall flat, but in Kevin Passmore’s A Very Short Introduction to Fascism**, he points out how, for national-populists, “the figure of the Muslim has taken over from that of the Jew as the embodiment of evil” (not to suggest that antisemitism no longer exists). The far-right may have led hatred against Muslims, but they aren’t the only ones buying into it, asking for this fear-based ideology to be treated with ‘serious debate.’ Essentially I only want to persuade you of one idea: that the about the supposed threat of Islam is fashioned out of media portrayals, and not the other way round.

*according to a 2009 Gallop poll


  1. If you actually lined up the textual construct of Other in the Quran and Mein Kampf you would not be claiming a link does not exist which forms exactly the same ethics regards Other.

    Cultural Foundation Text=Ethics=Ideas=Motivation=Action for and Against Other. Psychology 101.

    You clearly have not taken the trouble to check.

    Lies – mmm interesting – can you explain todays pile of bodies – and woman locked in their homes etc

    Lies indeed – even if one of those torn bodies came flying through your window you would not question your certainty. Or the uneducated girls begging for a chance to realise their full potential you would not question your certainty…

    “conflate the actions of a few violent Muslims”=”conflate the actions of a few violent Nazis” really you simply cannot see the connection can you?

    Norman Hillson “I speak of Germany”, London 1937 said “..; the NAZI … that great unified people are looking for peace and see friendship with Britain as a basis for peace not only for themselves but for everyone else.”

    Islamic Quran construct of Other = Nazi Mein Kampf construct of Other =?

    Where do you think the “few violent Muslims” come from the back of a cereal packet?

    Islamophobia simply does not exist for rational fear is not a phobia.

    Everyday since the seventh century empirical observation informs humanity genocidal constructs of Other lead irrevocably to terror against Other. Islamic text informs a genocidal construct against Other – the empirical proof – torn bodies each and every day.

    Just having witnessed a Muslim woman covered in black cloth being led by her master-and observing the outcomes this ethic is informing when Islam obtains sufficient political power means woman should not have a rational fear as to the consequences of Islam?

    The ethics which inform French school children being run down and shot and Thailand teachers being murdered and Church’s forced to close in Indonesia and woman subject to Man even on the back of a camel….. does not inform a rational fear? How many died today torn apart by Islamic codex?

    How many victims everyday since Mohammed poked his hearing voices head out of the cave?

    Islam is only a reality if Humanity allows it to be so to its own terrible detriment. Fear yes, justified yes, rational yes. How many more Muslims victims do you want?

    Islamophobia simply does not exist for rational fear is not a phobia.

    To say Islamophbia exists is irrational.

    Islamophobia is not an excuse it simply a delusion of the certain.

    In time and space given such a construct is allowed to flourish and obtain political power over Other and all women what happens in reality? Just two examples Egypt, Saudi Arabia – Other and woman’s ability to achieve security and independence?

    Lies – oh dear.

    • Well I’m going to explain why I think they’re lies in the days to come, aren’t I? I didn’t in this post because I wasn’t aiming to. Pay attention.

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