Idea for collaboration: responding to the Stalin Society


I’m looking to write some rebuttals to the publications by the London-based Stalin Society, with the aim of being “With Lenin Against Stalin“. By Friday or Saturday, I should have a response up to the GPGB(M-L)’s leaflet, ‘Trotskyism is a tool of the capitalists…‘, but for the much longer texts of the Stalin Society, I’d much prefer to work with someone else, preferably with a good knowledge of Soviet history. It won’t be necessary to defend every Trotskyist organisation, every stupid statement made by the Socialist Worker, or everything Trotsky wrote: just some of the more serious false accusations about his theories and life.

This isn’t an urgent matter I’ll admit, but if the Stalin Society or the CPGBML or the New Communist Party gain any popularity then it will be necessary to win the argument, so let’s be prepared.

If you are interested let me know in the comments, giving me a way to contact you.

  1. Get a life! Your trot line is wack. Read Stalin not your A level history textbook mate.

  2. To be fair I just read a load more of your posts… you’re on the right track! Now it must be unsettling to hear that from a Stalinist, right? Who’d have thought it! All you need to do now is overcome your middle class intellectualism, liberalism and engage with some real revolutionary marxism. good luck bra.

    • cheers. not unsettling, I disagree with lots of Trots, often he’s indefensible. and I *do* read Stalin/about Stalin, or I wouldn’t want to be doing this.

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